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In 1990, we began the trade on silk textile with ten thousand.
In May, 1993, we built Wujiang Shunhua Printing Company with one hundred thousand.
In Jan., 1997, we established Wujiang Longsheng Textile Co., Ltd.
In Jan., 1999, Wujiang Xiangsheng Textile and Dyeing Co., Ltd was built.
In April, 2000, the former vice-president of National Standing Committee Fei Xiaotong visited our company.
In Feb., 2002, Suzhou Fengsheng Textile Science and Technology Co., Ltd was built.
In June, 2002, Hui Liangyu, the vice-premier of the State Council and Jiangsu provincial Party committee secretary visited our company.
In June, 2002, Shengxiang Company won the Certificate of ISO9001 : 2000 Quality Management.
In Sep, 2002, Suzhou Dingsheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd was established.
In Oct, 2002, we successfully built Shengxiang Business Area of Chinese Silk Market.
In Jan, 2003, we won the Land Use of Shengze Square with the high price of 3.18 million per mu.
In June, 2003, Li Yuanchao, Jiangsu provincial Party committee secretary, visit Jiangsu Province.
In August, 2003, Shengze Squre International Mansion with the height of 32-floor, as the first high building of Southern Chinese river-side, was founded.
In Dec., 2003, Shengxiang Company won ISO14001:1996 environment management certificate.
In August, 2004, the main part of Shengze Mansion was built.
In Jan, 2003, Jiangsu Juyuan Investment Co., Ltd participated in the development along the river.
In July, 2003, Jiangsu Sheng's International Investment Group Co., Ltd was established.
In Sep, 2004, Wujiang Liyuan Physical Distribution Co., Ltd was established.
In Nov., 2004, Suzhou Dongsheng Acquisition Co., Ltd was established.
In April, 2005, Baoshui Warehouse was approved and established by Nanjing Custums.
In May, 2005, Dongsheng Walking Street was founded.
In Oct, 2005, the first high mansion of Southern Chinese river-side was built and the International Shopping Center was opened.
In Oct, 2005, Shengshi Real Estate Group was established.

Xiangsheng's Honors

·the Civilization Unit of Jiangsu Province
·the Star Enterprise of Jiangsu Province
·the Advanced Private Enterprise of Jiangsu Province
·the Advanced Private Enterprise of Suzhou City
·the Exempt- From-Inspection Enterprise of Suzhou city
·the Top Ten Private Enterprise Civilization Unit


Xiangsheng Public Welfare

We return to our society and are ardent in public welfare. We lead in doing such things as investing in building the bridge, contributing to the school, helping leukemia patients, arranging re-employment, supporting cultural careers, resisting SARS and helping the poor. Our president Sheng Youquan said:” I am the luck person of the reform and opening up policy. The development of my career can not be separated from the policy of our Party and the support and care from all walks of life. We are responsible for repaying the society and realize the common development.

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